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(48h if not possible)
90-day warranty
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Canadian Tire
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How the CarInspect pre-purchase vehicle inspection works?

1. Book in 2 clicks

Then, we take care of everything: we communicate with your seller and the inspector to arrange the appointment.

2. Mobile inspection

Same-day on-site inspection, or within 48 hours if it's not possible.

3. Purchase decision

You receive the digital report and ask your certified inspector any questions.

1. Book in 2 clicks

Then, we take care of everything: we communicate with your seller and the inspector to arrange the appointment.

2. Mobile inspection

Same-day on-site inspection, or within 48 hours if it’s not possible.

3. Purchase decision

You receive the digital report and ask your certified inspector any questions.

A comprehensive car inspection report

A detailed 170-point report that covers mechanical, functional, aesthetics, road test, potential repairs, and inspector’s feedback. 

See the full report here.

Where are our car inspectors available?

Not all cities we cover within 24 or 48 hours are listed below. Please check here and follow the first steps to see if we cover the city you want.

  • Vancouver, Kelowna, Surrey, Coquitlam, Richmon, Burnaby, North vancouver, etc.
  • Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, Brossard, Saint-Jérome, Saint-Eustache, l’Assomption, Mascouche, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu
  • Quebec , Lévis
  • Gatineau, Sherbrooke, Victoriaville, Trois-Rivières, Granby
  • Halifax, Burnside, Cole Harbour, Lower Sackville
Canada Map CarInspect availability

How much is a car inspection at CarInspect?

All our inspections include appointment management with the owner, a trip to the vehicle, a 170-point inspection, a phone call for an assessment and to answer your questions, a digital report and a 90-day warranty (see conditions).

Gas and non-plug-in hybrids

Eligible: sedan, SUV, pickup, RV* (class B and C – doesn’t include inspection of the cell like heating or water system).


Plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles

Eligible: sedan, SUV, pickup, RV


Custom inspection

Exotic, classic and RV vehicles (class A)

Quote only

Life's too short to buy a lemon

Learn more about CarInspect

The price of a mobile car inspection can fluctuate based on various factors such as the vehicle type, location, and the specifics of the inspection. Generally, a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection (PPI) for a used car starts around $150, and increases when dealing with exotic or luxury cars. This inspection includes a detailed evaluation of the vehicle’s condition, including brakes, tires, suspension, steering, and other critical systems. CarInspect ensures our standard inspection pricing is competitive and transparent, providing you with detailed inspection reports in a PDF format, so you have all the information you need to make informed decisions.

Scheduling a vehicle inspection is crucial at different stages of car ownership:

  1. Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI): Before buying a used car, a pre-purchase inspection (PPI) ensures you are aware of the vehicle’s condition. This includes a detailed visual inspection of tires, brakes, suspension, and more.
  2. Pre Sale Inspection: Scheduling a pre-sale inspection allows you to address any issues and present your vehicle in its best condition. This involves a thorough examination of the exterior, interior, and mechanical components to to understand your car’s condition and get the best price possible.
  3. Pre-Trip Inspection: Before a road trip, schedule an inspection to ensure your vehicle’s brakes, tires, and other critical systems are in good condition.
  4. Post-Accident Inspection: After an accident, even minor ones, have a detailed inspection to check for hidden damages affecting the vehicle’s structural integrity and safety features.


CarInspect’s technicians specialize in pre-purchase car inspections in Canada, including structural inspections, mechanical defects and visual checks of the car body, motor and other components. Our complete inspection form allows future owners to ensure the vehicle they are buying is in good condition.

If the inspector finds damage on your vehicle, they will let you know with a post-inspection call and by noting it in the report. CarInspect will tell you how much the damage could cost to repair and the severity of it. You’ll be able to negotiate with the seller based on these findings. 

CarInspect provides a detailed inspection report covering 170 inspection points, including a PDF summary of the findings. The report outlines:

  1. Detailed Description: A comprehensive description of the damage, including issues with tires, brakes, suspension, and structural components.
  2. Severity Assessment: An evaluation of the damage’s severity and its impact on your vehicle’s safety and performance, such as issues with brake lining or steering.
  3. Repair Recommendations: Suggestions for necessary repairs, including a detailed list of required parts, like replacement tires or brake components, and estimated costs.


Our goal is to ensure you understand the condition of your vehicle, whether it’s a passenger vehicle, light truck, or commercial vehicle, and provide guidance on repairs needed to be aware and avoid costly surprises or complications.

At CarInspect, our technicians are highly qualified and certified in various specialties, primarily holding Red Seal Certification or an equivalent, such as CPA in Quebec et 310S in Ontario.

These credentials demonstrate their expertise in automotive repair and maintenance, adherence to national standards, and specialized training for handling specific makes and models, including buses and vans. This ensures that all our inspections, from routine maintenance to detailed structural inspections, are conducted by qualified technicians who understand the intricacies of vehicle systems and compliance requirements across Canada.

Yes, vehicle inspection regulations are often required by provinces in Canada, but their requirements might differ. Here’s a summary of some key regulations:

  • In Ontario, safety inspections are mandatory for all vehicles: the province requires vehicles to meet minimum safety standards before ownership transfer. These inspections include a check on basic elements such as tires, brakes, suspension, and steering systems to ensure the vehicle is roadworthy. Your vehicle needs to pass the safety inspection before you can buy it. However, it’s not a complete assessment of the car’s condition, only covering a few points.
  • In British Columbia, like many other provinces and territories, safety inspections are not mandatory except in specific situations (out of province car purchases, damaged vehicles, etc.). This inspection must ensure that the vehicle meets safety regulations. The short safety inspection covers elements including fluid levels, brakes, and tires, ensuring the used car is in compliance with the province’s standards.
  • In Alberta, inspections are required for verifying that a used car meets all safety requirements, but like BC, it only applies to specific vehicles. Inspection requirements in Alberta involve thorough checks on the brake system, steering, suspension, and other critical components to confirm the vehicle’s condition before purchase.


These mandatory inspections provide car owners some information about the condition of their vehicle: however they do not offer the same value as a complete pre-purchase inspection (PPI) covering 170 mechanical, aesthetic and functional points. Working with one of CarInspect’s mobile mechanics is the best way to understand a vehicle’s value and buy/sell with confidence. Contact us about a PPI today!