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Join the CarInspect automotive inspector network as a freelance

The car industry is tricky, with a lot of scams. Buying a car isn't easy, especially if you don't know much about them. Luckily, our CarInspect car inspectors are here to help!

Vehicle inspection services for organizations

Who is CarInspect?

We are the Canadian leader in vehicle inspections, serving a diverse clientele that includes private buyers and sellers, auto auctions, insurance, and credit companies. Our mission? To enable everyone to make an informed decision about a vehicle.

Our clients choose us for the trustful relationship we establish with them and the high quality of service we provide.

How does it work?

Experience easy onboarding, help people effectively and earn money quickly

1. Accept a mission

As soon as a client books an inspection in your area, you receive a notification. If you are interested, just accept it!

2. Perform the inspection

Using your phone, you’ll check: aesthetic, functional, mechanical, bodywork, potential accidents, a test drive and a detailed photo report.

3. Give your opinion

You call the customer to debrief on the inspection and to answer his questions.

4. You get paid

When the mission is completed, you get paid on the next Monday.

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