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Canada's trusted Partner in car inspections

At CarInspect, we've built our reputation on trust and reliability, becoming Canada's go-to service for mobile car inspections. Our approach is straightforward: ensure every used car buyer can make their purchase with confidence.

Grounded in Real Experience

CarInspect founders

CarInspect started from real-life experiences, in Montreal. Our co-founder, Edouard, used to work in selling used cars. He saw that customers often struggled because they didn’t know enough or were given wrong information. Edouard himself once bought a bad car and had to deal with unexpected problems and extra costs. Our other co-founder, Adelaide, was someone who found buying a car really confusing because she didn’t know much about cars. Together, they understood that many people need a service they can trust to check cars and tell them the truth.

That’s why they started CarInspect – to help people feel confident and informed when they buy a car.

In business with core values


Buying a car is stressful because of the lack of transparency. We're on a mission to increase transparency in the industry.


Many people have good automotive knowledge. At CarInspect, we select only best-in-class inspectors for you.

Excellent Service

We are committed to giving you the most outstanding purchase experience, from pre-inspection to post-inspection.


What a thing to organize an inspection! At CarInspect, we do our best to provide an experience as smooth as possible.

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