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Drive with peace of mind with our 90-day warranty

Our 90-day used car warranty is offered on vehicles recommended by CarInspect after an inspection. Applicable on purchases and sales between individuals, and to a dealership.

*see conditions below

What is the 90-day warranty offered on CarInspect recommended vehicles?

This is protection covering the powertrain, the most expensive components to repair/replace in automobiles. The covered components are listed below.

Who is our protection plan partner?

Our partner is KM +, chosen for its above-average customer service and its simple claims process.
By offering a 90-day protection plan to all Kiwiz customers whose vehicle is eligible, KM+ warranty is committed to enabling buyers to buy a used vehicle with confidence.
This is possible both on the market of peer-to-peer and dealerships.
The Kiwiz inspection analysis process by KM+ warranty was rigorous. It was deemed complete and trustworthy to allow the signing of this partnership.
It is therefore with great pride that Kiwiz is the pioneer in North America to allow you to buy a used vehicle with peace of mind, and with 90 days of warranty included.

What are the conditions of eligibility of the vehicle for the warranty?

The vehicle must have a maximum age of 10 years and less than 200 000 km on the odometer. The owner must reside in Canada.

Are electric and hybrid vehicles eligible?

Yes, electric vehicles are eligible. The warranty is suitable for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Components covered include all of those listed below plus the electric power assist motor and direct drive system.

Where must the vehicle be located to be eligible for repairs?

Where must the vehicle be located to be eligible for repairs?

What repairs are not supported?

Repairs that have been detected during the CarInspect inspection and that are annotated in the report, as well as those that are not listed in the question “what is covered by the car warranty?” below will not be covered.

In which garages can I do repairs?

In the garage of your choice within Canada or the United States.

What is covered by the car warranty?

What is covered by the car warranty? 

ENGINE: Cylinder block, cylinder head and all internally lubricated parts, including crankshaft and main bearings, rocker arms, pistons, pins and rings, connecting rod and bearings, camshaft and bearings, valves, valve guides and springs, valve seats , rocker arm shaft(s) and rocker arms, rocker arm rods and tappets, oil pump, harmonic anti-vibrator (timing chain and timing sprockets (gears), timing guides and tensioners, engine flywheel, motor, pulley.

TRANSMISSION: Gearbox housing, throwing gear, torque converter, vacuum modulator, governor and servo covers, all internal mechanical parts lubricated including valve bodies, pressure pump, belts and drums, governors, pinion bearings, forks and synchronizers, transmission mounts, cooler and oil line.

DIFFERENTIALS: Housings and all internal parts, front and rear axles, universal joints, crowns and pinions, bearings of pinions and crowns, pinions, posi-traction unit, satellites, forks (transmission shafts, support bearing, gearbox support transfer).

TRANSFER CASE: Case, gear sets, drive chain, sprockets, internal bearing, bushings, all internal lubricated parts (main shafts, transfer case support are included in the event of a major breakdown only), in the event of internal damage only.

What is the amount covered by the warranty?

Up to $1500 on all repairs (parts and labor) covered.

Is there a deductible?

No, there is no deductible.

How does the complaints process work?

All information on the complaints process to be followed is here.

Is it possible to extend my warranty?

Yes, of course. A vehicle eligible for the 90-day warranty is automatically eligible for a warranty of several months or even a year., as long as it meets the conditions of less than 10 years and less than 200 000 kms on the odometer.

How can I take advantage of this 90 day CarInspect guarantee?

An inspection by a CarInspect certified inspector is required. To book a Kiwiz certified inspection, go here.

If the eligibility conditions announced above are met and the purchase of the vehicle is recommended after the CarInspect inspection, your new used automobile will be covered by the 90-day warranty.

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