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Mobile mechanic pre-purchase inspection

Certified mechanics for top-notch pre-purchase inspections

We've built Canada's largest network of certified mobile automotive experts to help you with your purchase.

How our car inspectors helped our customers

Drive with peace-of-mind with the 90-day warranty

The 90-day used car warranty is offered on vehicles recommended by CarInspect, after an inspection. Applicable on purchases and sales between privates, and to a dealership. See conditions.

From the booking to the purchase decision, CarInspect accompany you

1 out of 6 cars has a tampered mileage. This is just one example of a scam. The used car market is a jungle. Too often we hear stories of buyers who soon after their purchase find themselves with large bills. Buying a car is an important life project and should not be a source of stress. Everyone has their own business. Ours is to make sure you buy the right vehicle with our mobile mechanic pre-purchase inspection. 

Check here, by indicating the city where the vehicle is located, and we’ll tell you. You can also contact us.

Yes, you’ll find out once the inspector calls the seller to schedule an appointment. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Yes, we communicate with you by e-mail every step of the way.

Our inspectors are reactive and once the reservation is made, we commit to carry out the inspection within 48 hours, from Monday to Sunday.
However, it may happen that the seller is not available within 48 hours, or that extreme weather conditions occur, which would extend the delay. These situations are out of our control and we disclaim any responsibility.

Yes, we have inspectors who are certified and trained to inspect electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The proposed inspection for this type of vehicle was designed with several experts in the field.

The report is e-mailed to you immediately after the inspection.

Your presence is not recommended. Here are the main reasons:

– Finding a common availability between the seller, an inspector and yourself complicates the logistics in addition to reducing the chances of finding an appointment fast.

– It could affect the quality of our inspectors’ work. Concentration is crucial for the inspector, and it allows them to be rigorous on the analysis of the vehicle. The inspection can last up to 2h depending on the type of vehicle.

If you wish to be present, we invite you to indicate it in the section “Additional requests” of the reservation form.

The inspection of a vehicle does not require lifting it 6 feet high. Our inspectors are equipped to check the lifting points, the frame and the exhaust for rust.
For example, if there is a leak under the vehicle in the transmission, gearbox or differential, we will know. Lifting the vehicle would allow us to determine more precisely the source of the leak. For us, the presence of a leak on one of these components is enough to advise against the purchase. The intervention to repair such a leak would cost several thousand dollars.

Sure, our inspection is useful for both buyers and sellers. It can help you diagnose issues with your car before selling it or before going on a trip.

Life's too short to buy a lemon