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Best Electric Cars in Canada

We have entered the Golden age of EVs and here are a sample of the best electric cars in Canada. Gone are the days of needing to buy a 70-plus-thousand-dollar Tesla to join the future of transportation.  You may have questions like is it the right time to buy an electric car? Is it worth it to buy an electric vehicle? And we think the answer is yes, provided that you take these tips about choosing the best electric car.  With supply chain interruptions, a chip shortage, and demand growing, let’s check out which electric vehicle is the best 2022 edition.

We suggest placing an order well before your anticipated delivery date as many of these electric cars and trucks will have their supply restricted either due to sales forecast or supply chain. 

Best Japanese Electric Cars

Lexus RZ450e - Best Electric Car
Image courtesy Lexus Canada

First up, Japan has been producing some of the most reliable and trouble-free vehicles for the last 30 years and has had a head start on electrification with successful attempts at hybrid vehicles from Honda and Toyota. 

Toyota has been a leader in partial electric vehicles with their Prius hybrid vehicles since 1999. While they have experimented in smaller markets with electric cars like the RAV4 plug-in and even the RAV4 Prime and Prius Prime, all of these vehicles have been based on a gasoline vehicle platform. This retrofit format brings a lot of drawbacks. The 2023 model year brings the Beyond Zero platform and with it, the first of Toyota’s dedicated battery electric vehicles, the bZ4X. This new offering is priced from $44,900 and you can expect its electric range from 367kms to 406kms depending on options. 

The Subaru Solterra shares its platform with Toyota in a close partnership as they have done with their Subaru BRZ and Toyota GR8. Toyota still holds a significant stake in the smaller Japanese brand known for its rugged and off-road demeanor. If you’re a Subaru person, choose a Subaru, if you’re a Toyota person, choose a Toyota, as there is very little difference here. Pricing and range should be very similar to the Toyota twin. 

Lexus will also build a more luxurious version on the Toyota platform, the upcoming Lexus RZ. Specific details on this electric vehicle are scarce. Still, if you are looking for a few of the finer things in life, from the interior and exterior style to the dealership experience, you can’t go wrong here. 

The Nissan Leaf has been one of the most affordable Electric Vehicles on the market, debuting in Canada in 2011. The first Leaf had about 100 horsepower and while the 160km range may have helped coin the phrase “range anxiety”, it has still been enough for most Canadians average commute to work and back. You have comfortable seating for 5 and a hatchback design to make this electric pioneer a truly flexible option. For 2022, the Nissan Leaf is sold out. Check back for the 2023 later this year. 

Best Korean Electric Cars

Image Courtesy Hyundai Auto Canada Corp

Next on our search for the best electric car in Canada are the Korean Players. Hyundai has the Ioniq5, Kia has the EV6, and Genesis has the GV60. These aren’t their first Electric cars, with Kia and Hyundai offering a version of their Soul and Kona. These adapted gasoline options lack the range, size, performance, and appeal of their latest design. While they may still be working out the bugs of this first time dedicated platform, each model represents a unique styling language but shares many of the mechanical components.

Hyundai has been a leader in consumer electronics and lithium-ion technology for the last 15 years, with brands like Samsung and LG becoming commonplace in North American consumer’s households. Korea has one of the most well-educated workforces, and if you have not considered a Hyundai family product since the Pony, Stellar and Scoupe, these are genuine contenders.

Hyundai’s strong suit has always been competing with the Toyota/Subaru and Lexus ranges for price, design, and features. They have pushed forward, increasing the reputation for the quality of their electric vehicles with unmatched technology and range. The Ioniq 5 comes in at a $44,999 starting price with a range starting from 354km but up to 488km for top models. 

Best European Electric Cars

VW ID.4 Roof line - Best Electric Car
Image Courtesy VW Canada

From Europe, we have mostly German entries including the VW ID.4 from Volkswagen, Audi’s e-tron, and even Porsche Taycan. Now, the e-tron and Taycan are at the top of the electric car food chain, but they share a number of similarities, including price points north of $100,000 and serious performance, we’ll focus on the family friend electric car offering from VW, the ID.4. While the ID.4 fits the mold at a price point of $44,995 and a range of 394kms, it has had a tough time winning over reviewers with its bland styling and forgettable driving dynamics. 

BMW has their new i4, an electric-only 4 Series, but it is based on a traditional gas car. Reviewers love it! The i4 starts from 54,990 with a 484km range but may leave some driving dynamics on the table until they move to a dedicated platform with a low slung center of gravity from the “skateboard” battery. BMW also has the iX and i7. The auto reviewer consensus is that the iX is controversially styled and underwhelming for the price point with 322km of range from $79,990 to 521km of range, and more power to boot, at an eye-watering $121,750. 

Mercedes has their line of new electric cars under the EQ moniker, but none are on sale quite yet. 

Best American Electric Cars

Red Tesla Model 3 - Best Electric Car
Image Courtesy Tesla

And from America, we have the Big 3 and Tesla. Tesla has seemingly done the impossible and delighted investors and drivers alike. While their design language is still similar to the vehicles they launched over 10 years ago, the Model 3 continues to sell well. Tesla continues to expand with their Gigafactory in Berlin and in China. The Model 3 starts from $59,990 with 438kms and tops out at a segment-leading 576kms. It was the number one selling luxury car for a number of months even beating the BMW 3 series. The Model Y crossover starts from $82,000 with a range of 488km or 531 for the Extended range option. Tesla can be a great option as there is already a strong second hand market with availability to take delivery! 

Next, from Chevrolet, we’ve got the Bolt. The Bolt is the most affordable offering on our list from $38,198 with a range of 417kms. This compact electric car is also the smallest of the bunch. The Bolt builds on Chevrolet’s experience with the Volt and represents second-generation technology. Chevrolet is working to significantly expand their electric offerings with a new electric Silverado, Blazer, and Equinox to follow.

Finally, Ford and their first major electric vehicle, the Mustang Mach-E. While Muscle Car purists are decrying the name, it’s a worthy contender for those wanting something more traditional or homegrown. While Ford had a technology partnership with Toyota for their early hybrids, the Mach-E is of their own design. Ford’s Mach-E Starts from $51,495 with 340kms of range up to 491km for the top model. Ford will also launch the new F150 Lightning. The gas F150 is the world’s top-selling vehicle, so there are high hopes! 

The CarInspect Best Electric Car Verdict

We hope you’ve enjoyed this comparison of some of our favorite electric cars. Now consider the following: Is the best electric car the one you can afford? Then, is the best electric car the one with the longest range? After, will the best electric car be the one that is actually available when you want to buy it? Next, is choosing the best electric car an economic decision? And finally, is the worst electric car better than the average gas car? 

Finally, when getting a used electric vehicle inspected, you want an inspector who understands the technology! Our inspectors check the battery and cell health, motor-generator issues, regenerative braking, and how to check the other comprehensive vehicle systems like suspension, tires, and brakes, safety tech, and more. 

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