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Kiwiz Evolves to CarInspect: Empowering Informed Decisions in the Used Car Market

Kiwiz Evolves to Carinspect: Empowering Informed Decisions in the Used Car Market

Montreal, May 6, 2024

New name, same goal: CarInspect stays true to its mission of helping everyone make smart choices in the used car market. CarInspect is now backed by Canada’s largest team of certified inspectors.

CarInspect: a simple and evocative name

Initially, the name kiwiz was chosen for its friendly and modern connotation to accompany first-time buyers, Generation Z, in confidently purchasing their first vehicle.

In 2022, their target audience expanded to anyone wanting to make an informed decision about a used vehicle and, in 2023, to businesses. 

Kiwiz now offers a panel of inspection services to satisfy its customers. “We offer classic inspections such as pre-purchase and pre-sale, as well as specific ones such as “post-sale”, “troubleshooting”, “condition report” or “pre-warranty” inspections for specific business needs, from the classic car to the truck,” says Edouard, CEO.

CarInspect yellow icon

Adélaïde Favé, co-founder, expands on the CarInspect name choice:

Being the North American leader in the mechanical inspection of vehicles needed a name of stature – CarInspect – which invokes legitimacy, reliability and expertise. The logo’s green colour represents confidence. As for the yellow, it was inspired by the informed decisions we enable our customers to make. As for the logo’s icon, it represents a mesh between a magnifying glass and a pupil, a symbol of inspection, a wheel, an automobile symbol, and the network that surrounds it“. 

The story behind CarInspect: the choice to focus on one service and become the best

Founders Adélaïde and Edouard began their entrepreneurial journey with a mission: to help buyers in the automotive industry jungle. They initially offered a 360-degree purchase support service, which was well received, but with one limitation: the quality depended on the advisor’s support and was difficult to standardize. Their ambition was to help as many buyers as possible. 

At the same time, their customers had one regret: kiwiz was not on site for the inspection. They realized a need buyers had: to have a third party on their side, in the field, to assess the vehicle. 

In 2022, Kiwiz pivots and focuses on inspection, dedicating all its energy to creating the largest network of Canadian-certified inspectors and the most relevant inspection service on the market.

In less than a year, Kiwiz supported 600 buyers. In 2023, a 90-day guarantee accompanies the inspection offer, and nearly 3,000 inspections were carried out. 

Finally, Kiwiz opened Western Canada to cover the majority of cities in the country, allowing it to be approached by renowned companies listed on the stock exchange. 

The majority of companies have inspection needs, but it is not their core business. So we are here to support them in this challenge” says Adélaïde.

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